IPL 2022: Here are the pics of Jos Buttler’s REAL wife

New Delhi:

Indian Premier League has given many moments of wonder and shock to the audience on and off the field. In a recent controversy, Laura Dusen said in an interview that Jos Buttler is like her second husband. Since that statement, fans are confusing her for Buttler’s wife which is not the case. 

Louise Buttler is the name of Jos Buttler’s wife who works as a trainer and supports his husband in all his endeavours.

Jos-Louise love story started in school

Like any other teenager, Jos and Louise fell in love in their teens when they were going to school. As per Buttler, his wife started having feelings for him due to maths. Louise was weak in the subject and thus, she used to take Buttler’s help. The exchange of notebooks ignited love between them which became eternal for life. 

No DATING in school

Even though, they were good friends and very close to each other, they did not date. Buttler said that their focus was on their respective careers and they could not give each other much time. The dating period started after school and they tied knots in 2017. 

Support System of Each-Other

The couple credits their success to each other. Due to cricket, Buttler could not give a lot of time to his wife, so he came up with the solution that he will take his wife and kids everywhere he will go for the game. This way they spend quality whenever possible. 

Buttler’s IPL side Rajasthan Royals has reached the finale of the tournament and a huge part of the credit solely goes to the Englishman for his spectacular performance in the game. 


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