If Congress ends, so will nation's democracy: Congress leader Pramod Krishnam

New Delhi: 

Stressing the continuous support for the party, Congress leader Pramod Krishnam said that the great leaders including Mahatma Gandhi irrigated the party with their blood and built it. He further said if the grand-old party weakens or ends, the democracy of India will also end. 

He said, “But I stood up with the Congress tomorrow as well as today. Because it is a party for whom, Mahatma Gandhi, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi sacrificed their blood and prepared it. If the Congress weakens or ends, the democracy of India will also end.” 

“Question is not my Rajya Sabha candidature but the country and to save the nation Opposition need to be strong,” he added.

With the Lok Sabha elections 2024 closer than not, Krishnam vouched for Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi to become the face of the party. He said, “If Rahul Gandhi doesn’t accept the post, such a big party needs a face who can handle and coordinate between youth and the experienced members of the party; this face is Priyanka Gandhi, as per many people. She’s one of the most loved Congress leaders”

However, he also said, “But then some party members started saying that I’m against Rahul Gandhi, I’m not, why would I be?”

The Congress leader, whose name was missing from the list of party’s candidate for the Rajya Sabha polls, said, “There are some leaders in Congress who hate the word ‘Hindu’, ‘religion’. If they hate the word, how can they send a Hindu person to Rajya Sabha (polls)… but I still stand with Congress…”


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