Gujarat honour killing: Hindu youth beaten to death in Rajkot


The matter of honour killing in Karnataka was not even settled that a similar case has come up from Rajkot in Gujarat. Here a Hindu boy fell in love with a Muslim girl, then the girl’s brothers beat the young man to death.

According to the information received, the family of the youth is from Bihar and he was working in Rajkot, Gujarat. His father Bipin and youth Mithun both worked in a private factory.

Mithun fell in love with a Muslim girl living nearby and both wanted to marry, but when the girl’s brother Sakir came to know about this, he got angry and beat the boy so much that he died.

However, after the death of the boy, the Rajkot police arrested the girl’s brother by registering a case under 302. At the same time, after the death of the boy, the girl attempted suicide by cutting a vein in her hand.


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