Google Chrome rolls out customizable toolbar shortcut for Android

New Delhi: 

Google has been rather sceptical about changing Chrome’s interface and layout, given its vast user base. However, such changes may be in progress in its Chrome web browser, with the addition of a customizable toolbar shortcut.

Google on Android has been following a traditional approach with the toolbar with the home button, address bar, tab switcher, and overflow menu, housing many such actions. According to 9to5Google, Google now appears to be more widely rolling out a ‘toolbar shortcut’ between the Omnibox and tab button/counter. One of three actions can appear here: New tab (plus sign), Share, or Voice search (microphone).

By default, the button users see is ‘Based on your usage,’ with Google providing a ‘Current recommendation.’ ‘New tab’ and ‘Share’ are already placed in the overflow menu, while the ‘Voice search’ appears on tapping the address bar.

Toolbar shortcuts date back to Chrome 92 for Android in July 2021. It was introduced to some people as part of a regular A/B test. Even after version 101 went stable on Tuesday, its availability has been much higher in the last few weeks, although Google hasn’t officially announced the features yet.

This addition is a small change in a large scheme, but represents a non-negligible UI addition to the Chrome layout for Android. Google should consider this button a big enough improvement for users to roll out. 


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