Gama Pehalwan: This fascinating story of legendary wrestler Gama Pehalwan will leave you awestruck

The Great Gama:

Gama Pehalwan … You must have heard this name. The Great Gama Pehalwan was one of the greatest wrestlers in the world. There is a fascinating story behind how Ghulam Muhammad, born on May 22, 1878 in Amritsar, became the legendary Gama Pehalwan.

Gama Pehalwan used to consume 10 liters of milk, half a kilo of ghee along with almonds and juices everyday. Not only this, he used to eat up to 6 kg of chicken and 100 roti every day. Gama Pehalwan was also known as Rustam-e-Zamana. He was also known as Sher-e-Punjab and The Great Gama.

Gama Pehalwan was born in Amritsar but moved to Pakistan after the partition of India. Gama Pehalwan’s father Muhammad Aziz was also a well-known wrestler. This was the reason that Gama Pehalwan was fond of wrestling since childhood.

He learnt his wrestling tactics from the famous wrestler of Punjab, Madho Singh. He was given the facilities of wrestling by Maharaj Bhavani Singh of Datia. Before the partition of India, Gama Pehalwan illuminated the name of India all over the world. Belonging to the Kashmiri ‘Butt’ family, it is said that he was the only wrestler in the world who never lost a match in his life.

The height of Gama Pehalwan was 5 feet 7 inches. He defeated almost all the wrestlers of the world during that period. At the age of just 19, Gama Pehalwan defeated a famous and formidable wrestler like Rahim Baksh Sultani Wala. After defeating Rahimbaksh Sultaniwala Pehelwan with amazing power and agility, the name of Gama Pehalwan became famous not only in the country but also in the world.

Gama Pehalwan, popularly known as The Great Gama, was one of the greatest wrestlers in the world. He was unstoppable in a wrestling career spanning nearly five decades. He used to do 5000 sit-ups and more than 1000 push ups in a day. Gama Pehalwan used a heavy stone a dumbbell.

These formidable wrestlers were destroyed by Gama Pehalwan

At the World Championships, Gama Pehalwan defeated US wrestler Benjamin Roller and world champion wrestler Stanley Zibisco of Poland.

Stanley Jibisco is said to have weighed more than Gama Pehelwan. Despite this, he was afraid of Gama Pehalwan. It is even said that once Stellani left the arena and ran away from Gama Pehalwan.


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