Five K-dramas That Will Change Your Life For Better

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Most K-dramas are all about romantic cliches. But some are not. For every

Business Proposal, t

here is a

 My Liberation Notes.

Quite possible that dramas like

Move To Heaven, Our Blues, 


 Be Melodramatic 

would not attract the highest viewers ratings, but still continue to exist. Why, you ask? Because such dramas enjoy a unique fanbase. Not to mention that every scene in these K-dramas feels like poetry. Then we also have K-dramas like

Hometown Cha Cha Cha

which are a perfect blend of la-la land romance with the greatest life lessons. Each year, Korean dramas push their own creative limits and surprise us with the most unique concepts ever. By the first half of the year, we already have dramas like

Our Blues


My Liberation Notes. 

Today, let’s have a look at some hidden gems that will change your life for the better. 

1. My Mister

Life is hard. But it’s rather unfair to some people. My Mister is a story of a woman in her early 20s who has never had someone by her side. Besides being a temporary worker at a construction company, she picks up all kinds of part-time jobs to pay off her family’s debt. In between, she also takes care of her ailing grandmother. But not once she comes across someone in the dire need of help. In fact, you want to be like her. She is smart. She is calculative. Her life changes when she gets acquainted with a middle-aged man who shares same faith. Together, they are invincible and redefine the meaning of love. 

2. Be Melodramatic 

One thing about this drama – there are multiple stories, and each of them is unconventional. While there is a woman celebrating life after divorce, another is in the state of mourning after her lover passed away. Third is a no nonsense drama writer who is trying to make a place for herself in the male-dominated entertainment world. There is also a guy who is coming to terms with his sexuality. All of these people live under the same roof as they wrap their heads around love and loss. 

3. Hello, My Twenties

This uncut gem should be on every young adult’s watch list. Five women in their early twenties become housemates after they move out of their homes for higher studies. Unaware of world’s realities, they together go through multiple happenings and mishappenings while also juggling between career and love. 

4. One Spring Night

Love blossoms between a chemist and a librarian in the most uncommon circumstances. A single father forms a camaraderie with his senior’s fiancee who is in an unhappy relationship. When they meet, they instantly feel a connection. But, for the longest time, they fail to name their relationship. While one has to bear the burden of being a single father, other has family’s commitments to fulfill. But love conquers all as they beautifully stand by each other in every hardship. 

5. Record of Youth 

A happy ending is a myth. This drama does make romance as its central plot, but also sends off the message that love is not life; it’s a part of life.

 Record of Youth

sees a bunch of young and creative minds making big it in life, but also keeping their feet to ground. It’s a slice of life drama that today’s generation will resonate with. 


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