Farmers unload turmeric produce in front of BJP MP Arvind's residence, raised slogans

Nizamabad (Telangana): 

Farmers unloaded their turmeric produces outside the residence of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Dharmapuri Arvind in Perkit village of Nizamabad district. The disappointed community also raised slogans against the BJP MP as he failed to fulfil his promises on sanctioning turmeric board to the district. 

Arivind, in March 2019, had signed a non-judicial (bond) stamp paper promising the farmers that he would get a turmeric board in five days if he is elected as an MP. He had said he would get the turmeric board sanctioned to the district and the proper minimum support prices fixed for both turmeric and red jowar.

The farmers accused the BJP MP of cheating the farming community. They claimed that Arvind could manage to get an allocation of Rs 1.92 crore for close to 1 lakh turmeric producing farmers in Nizamabad, in the past three years. If this amount will be allocated among all turmeric producing farmers then, each one of them will get Rs 200 only. 

Meanwhile, Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) MLC Kalvakuntla Kavitha who lost 2019 election to Arvind exposed the later with a Right to Information (RTI) report. She accused Arvind of cheating the farmers and making false promises to them. On tumeric board, she said the BJP MP has failed to convince his party’s officials.  

To which, Arvind remarked, “Kalvakuntla Kavitha was rejected by people as an MP and she is indulging in hooliganism in the district. She was defeated for not performing for five years. The irony is she is the daughter of Telangana CM, she could not get Rs 10 lakh in five years.”

He further said, “In the Modi government’s reformative governance, turmeric price touched Rs 10,000 in Nizamabad and Rs 12,000 in Sangli.” 

Earlier, a similar incident had taken place where people claiming themselves as farmers had dumped the paddy in front of MP Arvind’s house. MP Arvind claimed that they are labour enacting as farmers hired by local Armour MLA Jeevan Reddy. 

(With inputs from ANI)


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