"Excuse me?' I never had an intimacy coach. It was fantastic," Kim Cattrall shares her experience with the intimacy coach for first time

New Delhi:

 ‘Sex and the City’ fame Kim Cattrall could not be happier to have had an intimacy coach on the sets of ‘Queer As Folk’. 

Opening up about her experience working with the intimacy coach for the first time, Kim told Variety, “And for the first time in my career, I was introduced to someone who had the position on a set that I had no idea what they did — her heading was ‘intimacy coach.’ I thought, ‘Excuse me?’ I never had an intimacy coach. It was fantastic.” 

She added, “Instead of someone from the wardrobe department holding a housecoat for you when they said cut or putting a towel over you, they had this person there who’d say, ‘OK, stop! We need this protected there.’ It was like a fairy godmother.” 

Kim also recalled filming love scenes for ‘Sex and the City.’  

“On “Sex and the City,” the most I ever got was for Pat Field to make this — she called it a ‘K.C. Cup’ that would cover, like a jockstrap, both actors if the scene required it. The K.C. Cup — Kim Cattrall! Because some guys had never acted before. It was their first job. And they were nervous something might happen. But now, there’s a person on set every time there’s,” she explained. 

For the unversed, Kim played the witty sex-positive character in the ‘Sex and the City series from 1998 to 2004 and its subsequent films in 2008 and 2010.

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