Elderly Teach Favorite Dance Moves in Adorable TikTok Video

Hey TikTok, how’s this for a blast from the past?

In a short clip posted to the content sharing app on Tuesday, TikToker Ed People took to the platform to show choreo from previous generations by asking his elders to school him in their favorite dance moves.

From a variety of moves ranging from the “twist” to a step touch routine to even a more recent piece of choreo from Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk,” the senior citizens featured in the video showed off what kinds of moves they liked to bust out on the dance floor.

Later in the video the TikToker even visited a nursing home where he took part in a conga line.

Tiktok users flocked to the comments to collectively gush over the adorable video.

“I work in an elderly home,” one user wrote, commending the TikToker for brightening the elderly group’s day. “If you came here and did this… that would make their day and mine. They need this.”

One follower commented on a dance move that stood out to them, “Worse comes to worst? Just hit ’em with the twist.”

So far the video has amassed over 206K views and received 41.2K likes on the video sharing app.

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