Doctor Duo by Dr. Kanika and Dr. Shivang is trending on social media

New Delhi: 

This doctor couple wants to break the stereotype image of doctors. Through their Instagram and Youtube channel “Doctor Duo,” they want to break the conventional thought that doctors are not just nerds.

The couple, Dr. Kanika and Dr. Shivang keep their followers entertained and updated with a new post every other day and educate and entertain students and inspire them to take up this noble profession.  

You might have seen a frequent stream of content with comedy, entertainment, motivation, and much more. Their Instagram presence motivates people to live a healthy and active life without disrupting professional life.

On the channel, Dr.Kanika can also be seen impressing her followers by posting motivational and inspirational photos and videos of her personal life — on the job, at home, with her husband, Dr. Shivang.

The idea behind introducing this channel on the social media platform was to share their personal stories and motivate students to take up the medical profession as a part of their careers. During that time, no doctor was sharing their life stories, and people believed that Doctors were more educated people who lacked social skills or were boringly bookworms. This channel motivates students to become one without compromising their hidden talents.

The latest photos and videos are shared on their Instagram story. Doctor Kanika and Doctor Shivang follow a streamlined strategy that focuses more on the visuals while making a perfect Instagram story for viewers. The quality of photos and videos is a great way to impress viewers, students, and patients when it comes to motivating people and attracting them to doctors. 

The channel helps prospective patients to get a glimpse of Doctor Duo before even stepping foot through their practice doors.


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