'...did not wish to miss any single class,' Alwar teacher denies to take leave on wedding day


A teacher from Rajasthan’s Alwar refused to take leave on his wedding day and continued to take online class on Monday. 

An authority of the coaching institute, Nirmal informed that he had the choice of taking leave nearly for a week but he refused. Nirmal said, “He had informed about his wedding date around five months ago. Usually, a holiday for 4-5 days is granted, but he said he did not wish to miss any single class and would take lectures on the wedding day as well.”

Priye Kumar Gaurav, the popular teacher of Current Affairs, is a world-record holder. 

He took the lecture via a ‘Shiksha rath’ and on May 2, taught his students by coming live on his wedding day. 

Soon after the programme of Ladies Sangeet, he had started preparing for the class on Current Affairs in the morning. 

(With inputs from ANI)


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