Dad Killed Retrieving Toy His Child Threw Out Window on Freeway

A Tennessee father has been killed trying to retrieve his child’s favorite toy, according to  local authorities.

Joshua Thomas Taylor was fatally struck by a truck on a Nashville freeway, where his child had flung the plaything out the window shortly beforehand.

According to Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, the 32-year-old dad was travelling southbound on the I-65 with his family on Friday evening, when the toy fell out.

They continued home; but just before 9 PM, Taylor returned to the area and parked his car at the Harding Place ramp before setting out on foot along the interstate in an effort to find the lost toy.

A Tennessee Department of Transportation HELP truck — whose job it is to help motorists in trouble on the freeway — spotted the pedestrian, and pulled over to offer him assistance.

But instead of responding, Taylor ran across the interstate and jumped over the jersey barrier to the northbound side, according to authorities.

The HELP truck driver almost immediately heard a collision, and rushed to the northbound side of the road to investigate.

They discovered the dad had been struck by a GMC Yukon. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The driver of the Yukon stayed at the scene and “did not display any indications of impairment,” investigators said, adding that speed did not appear to be a factor.

That driver is not expected to face any charges.

MNPD told TooFab they weren’t sure what kind of toy the dad ultimately gave his life for; nor were they sure why he appeared to flee the HELP truck. The trucks, they said, were large and yellow, and looked much more like ambulances than police cars — not something a person would normally flee from, even if they thought they were in trouble.

“The Nashville Police Department reminds all that it is illegal and inherently dangerous to walk on the interstate,” they said in a statement.

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