Dad Burns Daughters' $3,500 Olivia Rodrigo Tickets Over Vaccine Requirement; Internet Cracks Up

Olivia Rodrigo was surely left reeling at the devastating news this week that this guy would not be attending her concert.

In perhaps the most futile protest ever made, the Trump-supporting dad burned what he said were $3,500 worth of tickets over the Covid Vaccine requirements.

“Moms, dads, kids, teens — comes a point in life where you gotta take a stand. Take a stand for your values,” the dad, decked out in tank top, shorts and shades, declares.

“It’s not always the easiest thing to do, but you know you don’t have to be right — but start taking a stand for what’s right.”

With that, he sets the tickets alight — or as many people online pointed out, the paper print outs of the tickets.

“You’re looking at $3,500 in concert tickets to a concert that wants to control me, that wants to tell you and I what to put in our bodies,” he goes on. “And the bottom line is: create the life that you are in personal control what goes into your body to where you do not get bullied by a system or people or anyone to do something that compromises or sacrifices exactly what you’re meant to do, in the life you’re meant to lead.”

“Take a stand, folks.”

Among those impressed with his stand was GOP Arizona gubernatorial hopeful Kari Lake, who called him “a hero.”

“We can’t let Hollywood influencers try to control our children or force people to get a vaccine against their will,” she posted. “Thank you, Doug for being a strong patriotic American and a great father.”

Not everyone agreed, however.

Many pointed out that the “tickets” he burned were in fact just print outs on normal paper, and worth nothing anyway, as the actual tickets to the show were digital.

Many more pointed out that even if he didn’t go, spending your hard earned $3,500 on something only to burn it was not a very efficient way of making your point.

Everyone agreed that either way, Olivia wasn’t going to lose much sleep over it:

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