Coronavirus Pandemic ravages North Korea, 42 dead despite strict lockdown


Coronavirus cases have increased rapidly in North Korea. In view of the rising cases of Covid-19, dictator Kim Jong Un has imposed a nationwide lockdown. On the fourth day of the lockdown on Sunday, 42 people died across the country. 

Symptoms of fever have been found in 296,180 people. In view of the increasing cases of Corona, dictator Ki Jong has called it a big disaster.

During a meeting on anti-virus strategies on Saturday, Kim Jong called it a historically huge disruption. Kim Jong has called for unity between the government and the people, so that the situation can be resolved as soon as possible. Increasing cases of corona in North Korea is a concern for the whole world, because the health facility here is very poor, due to which a large number of people can be affected.

There was no case for two years

North Korea had been saying for the last two years that it has no cases of corona. But on Thursday he admitted that he is battling an explosive COVID-19 outbreak. The concern of the world is that the population of 25 million has not been vaccinated here, due to which the coronavirus pandemic may worsen. State media reported that all the provinces and cities of the country have been completely closed. The working units, production units and residential units are completely closed since the morning of May 12. All citizens are being tested.

South Korea offers Covid-19 vaccine

North Korea turned down China’s offer of a Covid-19 vaccine. The World Health Organization (WHO) had also offered a coronavirus vaccine, but dictator Kim Jong had also refused it. A WHO representative in North Korea said on Friday that he had told the country to prepare a COVID-19 response plan last year. South Korea is also offering to send the vaccine to North Korea in times of difficulty. However, the South Korean administration has admitted that there has been no discussion with North Korea regarding this.


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