Controversy rages after Khalistani flags found at gate of of Himachal Pradesh assembly


There was a controversy after Khalistani flags were installed on the gate outside the Himachal Pradesh assembly. The police reached the spot as soon as the information was received and lowered the flags on the gate of the assembly. 

According to the police, the local people here informed about black flags at the main gate of the assembly in the early morning. The police is seriously involved in the investigation of this matter.

Let us inform that a video of the assembly building located in Dharamshala Tapovan is also going viral, in which Khalistani flags are being seen at the gate of the assembly building. This video is of 12 seconds, which is becoming increasingly viral. The investigation is going on as to who planted these flags. At the same time, police and SDM Shilpi Vekta also reached the spot as soon as the matter was reported.

Khalistan is written on the walls of the Himachal Pradesh assembly as well. It is not yet known who put these flags here. At present, the police is interrogating the local people to find out who has put these flags and why.

At the same time, the Himachal government had increased vigilance and security in view of the ever-increasing incidents of arrest of terrorism modules in the neighboring states of Himachal Pradesh. Despite this, the occurrence of such an incident is raising questions about the security system.


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