Congress Chintan Shivir: Discussion on THESE issues including demand to make Rahul Gandhi full-time president

Raman Jha, Jaipur:

The demand to make Rahul Gandhi the party’s full-time president arose during the ongoing Congress Chintan Shivir in Udaipur. Demanding this, Congress Lok Sabha MP from Kerala TN Pratapan stressed the importance of appointing a full-time Congress President. 

The Congress is in the midst of an organisational election, so there was no formal discussion about the Congress President in Udaipur, Chintan Shivir, but the leaders are demanding clarity in the party leadership. In this episode, the Kerala Lok Sabha MP demanded that Rahul take over again.

Earlier, in all the meetings of the Congress Working Committee, there has been a demand by senior leaders to make Rahul Gandhi the president again. According to reports, in the meeting of SIDBI held in March, Rahul had assured the leaders that he was seriously considering it. 

Rahul Gandhi resigned from the post of party president after the defeat in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. After this, Sonia Gandhi had to take over the reins of the party again.

Annual auditing of party office bearers

A big and important proposal has also been made by some representatives that from the general secretary, district presidents and MP-MLAs and all frontal organizations, all programs should also be audited annually.

There was also talk about the formation of the Grievance cell

Not only this, it has also been proposed during the Chintan Shivir that the Congress President should also constitute a Grievance Cell, which can deal with the grievances of the leaders and workers along with the Congress President. It has also been suggested that Congress President should only make separate WhatsApp groups of the leaders and workers of the organisation and often send his video messages on all the issues in it.

BJP accused of spreading hatred

Talking about this Chintan Shivir, party President Sonia Gandhi bluntly said that there is an unprecedented situation in front of the organisation. He said that we are in dire need of reforms and change in strategy. Extraordinary situations can only be dealt with in extraordinary ways. During this, while raising the issue of attacks on minorities, Sonia Gandhi targeted the silence of PM Modi on the one hand, while also accusing the BJP of creating an atmosphere of hatred in the country.

A demand has been made that the Congress President should personally meet the party workers on one day every week and interact with them. For a long time, many leaders and workers within the Congress have been complaining that they have not been able to meet the party president for years and they are not even listened to.


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