Chinese govt forcibly conducts mass Covid-19 tests, people compelled to que for hours


The Chinese government’s strictness has increased significantly after new cases of coronavirus were reported in various cities and provinces of China. For the prevention of coronavirus cases in the capital Beijing, the Chinese government has decided to conduct mass Covid-19 tests.

People are being called forcibly for this. The situation is that there are long lines outside coronavirus testing centers where people have to wait for hours for their turn. The Chinese government and the city administration have said that they do not want the situation to be the same as in Shanghai and a lockdown has to be imposed.

The Chinese government is working on the zero covid policy. However, due to this policy, people in Shanghai are also very angry with the government and administration. There has been a lockdown in Shanghai for the last several days. Not only this, high fences have been put up after the houses as a precaution so that people cannot come out of the houses. No one is allowed to go out in Shanghai. People are also slamming the government and the administration on social media regarding this. 

Shanghai is a financial hub of China. The government and the people are suffering due to the lockdown imposed here. Everyone is being tested in this city with a population of about six and a half crores.

In the case of testing, like Shanghai is happening recently in Beijing, where the test of all people has been made mandatory. Routine testing is becoming a part of life in many cities of China. The administration believes that with this the chain of growth of corona can be broken and precautionary steps can also be taken in time. It has been told by the administration that the cases that come up during the investigation are isolated. Let us also tell here that after the corona cases came to the fore in dozens of cities of China, the lockdown has been imposed.

Many types of strict restrictions are in place in Shanghai and Beijing. Its impact on the world’s second largest economy is also clearly visible. Due to this, China is facing problems in international trade. Not only this, due to this the supply chain has also been disrupted. Restaurants, gyms, cinemas, etc. have been closed in Beijing. Buses are also closed. Wherever something is open, there are no customers there.


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