Cheryl Burke Calls Divorce From Matthew Lawrence 'Sh-t Show'

Cheryl Burke is releasing control and moving on.

In an interview with Extra, the “Dancing with the Stars” pro opened up about how she’s been taking the steps to move forward with her life after filing for divorce from Matthew Lawrence.

“As far as me and how this is going, it’s really, I’m not proud of it, it’s a sh-t show… My emotions are constantly up and down, I’m sad every morning I wake up, I am sad every time I go to bed at night,” She confessed. “It’s really nothing to hide here as far as like divorce sucks. I don’t recommend it, but at the end of the day, you know, it’s not like we didn’t try and I know we gave it a good shot.”

Referencing her new podcast, “Burke in the Game,” the 38-year-old confessed how she’s been preparing to be more vulnerable not only with her listeners, but also herself.

“I’m trying to get back in the game, my friend and, and I need a few people to help me out here because it’s been a while… But you know, it’s not just that, it’s really about my journey, right?” She began.

Cheryl continued, “I’ve been very open with my feelings about, you know, the recent divorce, but also just about how I love to evolve and stay curious and learn and all of that, but I need to be able to stop controlling the situation because I’m a definite control freak and I micromanage everything…  It clearly hasn’t gotten me to where I want to go in life as far.”

“I am on this journey of basically surrendering my fate to our listeners and it’ll be very interactive, so they will choose what I need to do to get to where I can date and to hopefully eventually, like eventually, like, the word dating makes me want to throw up a little bit right now, so I’m clearly not ready for that, but eventually, hopefully find love.”

The professional dancer also admitted that she’s been feeling apprehensive about rejoining the dating pool, and for now she’s swearing off dating apps unless it’s something her listeners are demanding.

“I haven’t been in the dating scene and since before, maybe dating apps were invented,” she said and when asked about online dating she answered, “Definitely not… not as of now unless… my listeners are like, ‘You have to do that,’ like, this is part of the process, but I just find it so disgusting. People can just swipe… it’s all about the way you look, right?… But can you dive deep — that’s what I want to know.”

Burke added that she is working to remain open, and elaborated on how her podcast will be a catalyst for those experiences, “I am an open book, but I’m always, like, if you think about it, when I’m on social media and I’m like talking and stuff, you know, I’m still in control of what is coming out of my mouth… But like with this experiment, we would like to call this experiment ‘Burke in the Game.’ I have to actually surrender.”

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