Celebrities Share Embarrassing, Awkward and Downright Weird Mom Texts for Mother's Day

Everyone loves a good/bad “Mean Tweet,” but there’s something so much more charming and wholesome about texts from Mom.

Nobody quite knows how to say — well, something — like Mom. That’s why we found ourselves smiling all the way through the latest “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Mother’s day tradition.

Once again, Kimmel’s team spent the year gathering true texts from his various celebrity guests and having them share these treats on camera. And once again, celebrity moms did not disappoint, offering texts just as embarrassing, awkward and downright weird as we’ve probably all gotten at least once.

Who are we kidding? We’ve gotten them way more than just once.

Whether it’s mom hitting up her child for Pitbull tickets or criticizing their latest project, there’s something about that unfiltered truth that only a mother can get away with telling.

“Your show was filthy last night!” Andy Cohen’s mom hilariously texted him one time. “Playing poop games with Laura Linney is not entertaining. Get a hold of yourself.”

We were dying at Rachel Brosnahan sharing her mother’s outraged text, lashing out at her daughter for not telling her that she was “dead in a ditch somewhere.”

“I can’t believe you didn’t tell me you are dead. How dare you,” Brosnahan’s mother texted. “Your father is mad too.” There’s an explanation for this, but it was hilarious to hear this with no context.

But while Brosnahan’s mother had beef with her for not spoiling something, Kristen Bell was in the opposite boat. Her and her mother were both huge “Game of Thrones” fans, but Bell lives in California and her mom is on the East Coast. That means Mom is watching the show hours before Bell can — and yet, she brazenly spoiled the huge Season 6 finale twist (fans know the outrage)!

Bell’s face said it all.

You’ve gotta check out the video to see Sanda Oh’s mom give a masterclass on passive aggressive criticism, Eric Andre’s mom tie a Roomba and misogyny together into one story, and Josh Gad representing all of us who’ve ever received a long, rambling message from Mom we couldn’t decipher if we were Tom Hanks in “The Da Vinci Code.”

And then there’s Luke Bryan’s mom, who asked him if he cared if she went to a spa for a massage, and to “get all the hair and dry skin off my face.” We have no idea why she was asking him this. But we loved her closing line: “Shit, I need to do some work on my butt.”

Bryan quickly clarified to Kimmel’s viewers, “Now, not her actual butt. Her butt as in her whole body. It’s a Southern thing; trust me!”

Check out the video above for those complete texts, and more mom nonsense from Jimmy O Yang, Shaun White, Will Arnett, and Ike Barinholtz. And maybe share your favorite mom texts for Mother’s Day this year.

We’re as sure she’d love it as Josh Gad is sure his mom is probably never going to talk to him again after he shared her — whatever that was.

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