'BJP should stop false propaganda about the security of Hindus in Kashmir': Shiv Sena

Pankaj Sharma, Srinagar:

The Jammu and Kashmir unit of Shiv Sena has fiercely targeted the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) over the security of Kahmiri Pandits. 

Shiv Sena state president Manish Sahni issued a statement on Saturday, saying, “The claims made by the BJP government at the Center on August 5, 2019, regarding the restoration of peace in Kashmir and the security of Kashmiri Hindus and other minorities in the valley, were All have proved to be hollow today.”

Shiv Sena leaders, holding placards and wearing black bands, performed peaceful dharna at the Maharaja Hari Singh statue site located on Tawi bridge in Jammu. 

The protestors chanted “Stop the killings of Hindus,” “Safe Hindus in Kashmir,” “Fulfill the promise of restoration of peace” slogans.

Sahni said that terror is being spread through targeted killings by terrorists in which innocent and innocent civilians are becoming scapegoats. 

“In the name of Kashmiri Hindus, BJP only worked to collect votes in the entire country. It has proved unsuccessful in protecting them in Kashmir. Those who earned crores of rupees by making the film ‘The Kashmir Files’ did not utter a single word of sympathy on the killing of Hindus in the valley and did not extend any kind of helping hand.”

Sahni also warned the terrorist organisations to desist from their nefarious activities and face dire consequences. 

Along with this, Sahni said that even after the removal of Article 370 in Kashmir, the killings of Kashmiri Hindus continue in the valley. 

According to the data of the Ministry of Home Affairs, 34 of the minority communities have been involved in terrorist-related incidents in the Kashmir Valley in the last five years. People have lost their lives. In 2022, 13 people including people from minority communities have been targeted by terrorists. 

Sahni has invited nationalists from across the country to reach Jammu on June 29 in maximum numbers to show solidarity and encourage the Hindus and minorities settled in Kashmir and thwart the nefarious designs of terrorists.


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