BJP central leadership warns Dilip Ghosh to refrain from going to media


Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Dilip Ghosh on Tuesday received a warning by the national general secretary Arun Singh who asked the former to “refrain from going to media or any public forum”, either in state of West Bengal or anywhere else. Singh cited that his past statements have caused “embarrassment” to central leadership.

As per the letter, Singh has cautioned the BJP MP in dealing media. The letter stated, “This was pointed to you on several occasions by the party leadership in the fond hope that you will take note. In a recent interview, your comments in the electronic media and perhaps on other forums have been openly critical of senior state functionaries. Such comments will only hurt and harm the party and negate your own hard work in the past.”

“Such statements coming from a person of your stature a National Vice President may create deep disaffection, unrest, and alienation among party ranks, which given the norms of political behavior and conduct is unacceptable. The national leadership of BJP is deeply concerned at issuance of such statements through the media,” the letter further read.

Bharatiya Janata Party national president JP Nadda has instructed for the issuance of the letter. 

The Central leadership asked the Medinipur MP “to be more discreet in dealings with the print, electronic, other media or any other public fora”. 

(With inputs from ANI)


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