Big fall of Pakistani rupee against dollar, Pakistan's economy in trouble

New Delhi:

The Indian rupee is currently going weak against the dollar. The rupee lost 12 paise to close at 77.74 against the US dollar in early trade on Thursday.

The rupee opened at 77.72 against the US dollar at the Interbank Foreign Exchange, then slipped to 77.74. The condition of Pakistani currency is worse than this and the interesting thing is that the name of the currency there is also rupee. By reading this news you will get an idea of the real value of Pakistani rupee.

Historical fall in Pakistani rupee

Geo News has reported that the Pakistani rupee reached the level of 200 against the dollar on Wednesday. That is, 200 Pakistani rupees is equal to 1 dollar. According to the news, a fall of 2 Pakistani rupees has been seen in it. The local currency in the interbank market continues to collapse. It saw a fall of Rs 199 in intraday trading. This situation is when the Central Bank of Pakistan is making every effort to stop the fall in the rupee.

Pakistan government will come down on arbitrariness

Pakistani investors are concerned about a rumor that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will not pursue the loan program. This may be because the Pakistani government is bent on arbitrariness. He is not serious about fulfilling the loan terms of the IMF. The market is also awaiting the outcome of the political meeting, which was held between Pak PM Shahbaz Sharif and his political partners.

The situation of the Pakistani rupee worsened due to the attitude of the government.

Analysts say that the situation of the Pakistani rupee is going to get worse due to the attitude of the government. It will remain at the level of Rs 200 against the dollar in the interbank market. If the Pakistani government does not handle the political and economic situation of the ruined country, then the situation is showing signs of getting worse. The position of the Pakistani rupee against the dollar in intraday trading on Tuesday was 195.74. 

According to the news channel, with the Pakistani government resuming talks with the IMF in Doha, the level of depreciation in the rupee continues. Negotiations are going on for billions of dollars in debt.


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