Barista plants trees at Knuckles

1 May, 2022
CEO, Barista Coffee Lanka, Dilupa Pathirana and Representative from Breathe Sustainability, Yasanthika Dias sign the MoU

Barista Coffee Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, launched ‘Breathe with Barista’, a CSR campaign recently to plant over 1,200 trees at the Knuckles mountain range with the target of producing 17.2 million pounds of oxygen as the trees mature, thereby providing the estimated amount of oxygen for 707 humans for their entire life span.

The Memorandum of Understanding for the project was signed between Barista and Breathe Environment Sustainability.

The project is running at all Barista outlets creating a space for all customers to be a part of this reforestation project. Barista has come up with a creative concept to get customers engaged by creating a leaf shaped coupon worth Rs. 350 which is the cost of a tree to be planted at the selected area in Knuckles.

When a customer purchases a coupon which signifies one plant the customer can further engage in it by pasting the coupon on the decorations which have been hung at outlets to indicate the number of plants which will be soon planted through this project.  “At Barista CSR is not a project, it’s what we do every day, maximizing positive impact to the society at large and minimizing the negative impact as a whole,” said the CEO of Barista Coffee Lanka (Pvt) Ltd., Dilupa Pathirana.

Barista has made the ‘Breathe Coupons’ available on their very own e-shop. 

The planting of trees was conducted by Barista with Breath on World Earth Day on April 22.

– Sunday Observer Sri Lanka

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