Back with a bang: Ulka Gupta makes comeback after 6 years with 'Banni Chow Home Delivery'

New Delhi: 

Nayi Soch, the tagline sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Well, it suits only one channel, whose shows are always loved by the audiences as they give out good and relatable content. Yes. You guessed it correctly. It’s none other than Star Plus.

This time, prepare to be amazed because the channel is bringing you something fresh, a new show that is inspired and will undoubtedly attract the audience.  Introducing  ‘Banni Chow Home Delivery.’ The story is as distinctive, real, and captivating as the title sounds. 

The show is about the journey of a strong and fierce girl, Banni who runs a food delivery business where she cooks home-cooked meals for folks who have moved to the city in quest of a steady salary but miss their family’s cooking. And who other than the talented Ulka Gupta to play this role and bring the character to life. 

Ulka is back on screen after a six-year hiatus. Many of her fans are ecstatic at the news. The Rani Lakshmibai fame was loved in her previous show, and there’s no question that her new role as ‘Banni’ will be equally entertaining. 

The actress’s sudden disappearance was quite disheartening. The fans were not very happy but the actress must have had a reason to quit which the fans understand well. Her return has made many people happy and is very curious to see her playing the role of ‘Banni.’ 

Talking about her comeback on the small screen, Ulka Gupta said, “It was a completely natural process that I let myself flow with. After doing a couple of movies in Bollywood and down South, Banni Chow Home Delivery was one of the right opportunities I decided to make my comeback with. Keeping my graph and experience in the mind, Banni is one such challenging role that I would like to portray for my fans. I would really like to thank Star Plus for giving me this opportunity after a leap of these six years.” 

Ulka is cast opposite Pravisht Mishra, a teenage heartthrob who would play a particularly disabled character named ‘Yuvaan.’ This new coupling has piqued the interest of the viewers. Both are accomplished actors who exude charisma on screen. 

‘Banni Chow Home Delivery’ is sure to knock your socks off and take you on a beautiful and unforgettable journey.


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