Andy Cohen Tells Everyone to 'Shut Up' on RHONJ Reunion, Snaps at Teresa for 'Demeaning' Joe

Fans of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” know how messy things seem to always be between Teresa Giudice and Joe Gorga, but even Andy Cohen reached his breaking point on Tuesday’s hour of the latest reunion special.

Last week’s episode ended with Joe storming off the stage after Teresa continued to dump o him, calling him “like a housewife” and a “bitch boy.” Amazingly, after those comments, she actually pushed back against Joe’s wife Melissa, telling her, “I’m not putting him down!”

At that point, it was all just too ridiculous, so Andy interjected, telling her, “Well, you did just put him down. You’re demeaning him by saying, ‘What are you even doing here? You’re in the women’s drama.'” He then urged Teresa to go backstage and talk to her brother.

Again, Teresa insisted she wasn’t putting down Joe by putting him down some more, saying, “He’s my baby brother, I’ve always kissed his ass. This is why he’s used to it.”

“Okay, good,” said Andy. “Well, go kiss is ass some more.”

Unfortunately, things didn’t get any better when Teresa did make her way back because after being told he should stay out of the “women’s business,” Joe told Teresa that her finace Luis Ruelas shouldn’t talk, either.

“If Luis goes out there and talks, he’s a bitch,” Joe told his sister.

“That’s not the same!” Teresa shot back. “He’s gotta f—— defend himself,” she said, to which Joe shot back, “But why is he doing that? For you, right? So then, he’s a bitch.” Margaret Josephs and her husband Joe Benigno had been all over Luis about abuse allegations, which he denied.

After he brought it up, Teresa suggested that if her brother had told Margaret to “shut the f— up” about Luis, then maybe she wouldn’t call him “so much a bitch boy.” So … it’s his fault?

Andy finally interjected himself again, coming backstage to try and diffuse the situation. He told Teresa, “We want him to be here. You all have been living your lives on television, this family for years, and we’re trying to get some resolution here, believe it or not.”

Joe suggested that if Luis would talk about the allegations to the group then the situation would go away, but Teresa insisted that Luis doesn’t “owe Margaret an explanation.” Andy even conceded that he’d ask Luis about it whether or not Margaret had brought it up.

Then, Melissa came back to check on her husband and sister-in-law, shouting, “Stop, just everybody, stop. Be a family. Enough. This is ridiculous!” At this point, Joe and Teresa finally started to talk things through, but again, Teresa went on the defensive — which for her is the offensive.

Andy shouted at her to stop interrupting her brother. “He’s telling you how he feels, so you should listen!” he told her.

In the end, sibling love won out … for now. Joe told Teresa he wants a relationship with her and doesn’t want to argue with her, but held her accountable telling her, “You’ve said some nasty things tonight.” Teresa ultimately apologized.

But even that was just the tip of the iceberg on the night for Andy’s patience, as he snapped later even more aggressively when Margaret and Jennifer Aydin were arguing about their behavior on the show when Bill Aydin’s affair came up.

When it just became a cacophony of everyone talking over everyone else, Andy finally stood up and snapped. “You are all talking so shut up!” he shouted. And for one brief, glorious moment, there was silence. Alas, it did not last.

Fans can look forward to another round of screaming in Part 3 of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” reunion special next Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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