Abhi Shetty is one of the brightest minds and astute hospitality entrepreneurs

New Delhi: 

Many resources try to lead people towards learning something new, making them more confident and transforming their lives. However, nothing beats the real success stories of natural talents from across industries as they have the power to ignite the fire in them to listen to their hearts and dreams and act accordingly to fulfill their goals. Abhi Shetty’s story is a real success story of a young man who believed in all these efforts and fearlessly moved his way to the top in the hospitality sector in Dubai and Manipal.

Abhi may seem like just another guy from the neighborhood, but he is just beyond that. He has shown every possible quality and talent to become one of the hospitality world’s youngest influential personalities, who began his journey in 2019. He first worked at TOTAL France before coming into the nightlife and hospitality sector always knew he had entrepreneurial traits and felt a close inclination towards the hospitality space. Today, he is changing the hospitality landscape in Dubai and India for the better with his brand Barrels. The pandemic hit his brand in 2020; however, it recovered quickly and earned significant profit figures. In 2021, he launched an outlet in Manipal, which has become the region’s best nightlife place. 

Social media has been an essential part of helping his brand gain enormous momentum and recognition apart from its awards. Emerging into a successful name in the hospitality sector with several established and emerging players was no bed of roses for Abhi Shetty. Still, his never-give-up attitude and a positive approach to business helped him stand unique in the industry.


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