53 killed in building collapse in China, 10 people rescued


A week ago a building collapsed in central China, killing 53 people. State media reported on Friday that the search operation has been called off after rescue teams found 10 survivors. State broadcaster CCTV said in an online post that officials told a press conference that all the missing had been traced by 3 a.m.

Residential and commercial buildings in Changsha city suddenly collapsed on the afternoon of April 29. The photos showed that it is six storeys high among other buildings. At least nine people have been arrested on suspicion of violating building codes or other violations.

Survivors were pulled from the rubble for several days. The 10th and last were taken out shortly after midnight on Thursday. The condition of all the survivors is said to be fine after treatment in the hospital.

Those arrested include the owner of the building, three people in charge of design and construction and five others, who allegedly miscalculated the security for a guest house on the fourth to sixth floors of the building. The building also housed residences, a cafe and a restaurant.

Rescuers used sniffer dogs, hand tools, drones and electronic life detectors.

State media reported on Monday the rescue of the eighth survivor that rescuers encountered a shaky pile of rubble that they had to move instead of dismantling them. Before the rescue, they were able to communicate with the girl in video equipment and establish that one of her legs was stuck.


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