21 deaths confirmed as North Korea fights Covid19

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There is a precarious outbreak looming within the borders of North Korea as the scare of Covid19 has gripped the nation of Kim Jong Un in its claws. North Korea has reported at least 21 new deaths and 177,440 more people with the symptoms of fever. The nation is struggling to pace down the reach of Covid19 in the nation.

The new update rolled out by the North Korean authorities cited that a total of 27 deaths and 524,440 positive cases have been confirmed. The spread of illness began to seize the North Korean population. North Korea released a statement saying 243,630 people had been recovered and 280,810 remained in quarantine. However, the state media did not specify how many of these deaths were confirmed as Covid19 deaths.

During a Politburo meeting, the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un described the outbreak in the country as historically “great upheaval” and called for unity among the government and the people, to stabilize the outbreak as quickly as possible.

The meeting basically outlined the plan to roll out medical supplies which the country has released from its emergency reserves reported Pyongyang’s official Korean Central News Agency. The Politburo meting concluded that most of the deaths were caused due to “mistakes like over taking of drugs, bereft of scientific medical treatment.”

Kim Jong also expressed optimism as he is also donating chunks from his private medical supplies. He further mentioned that although the infection is spreading within communities, that are isolated from each other, but it is not being spread from region to region.

He also pointed out China as an example where the outbreak was able to be contained. He said we should learn the response strategy from China.

China, however, is facing criticism over its “zero covid” policy which has brought many cities in the country to standstill while fighting the Omicron spread.

The movement of people and supplies are being contained within cities and countries, but the North Korean authorities have denied confining the people within their homes.

Experts have suggested that a failure to control the spread of Covid19 could have devastating impact on the people of North Korea owing to the large country’s poor health care system and that a large chunk of its population is still not vaccinated.

Test samples collected from a large unspecified number of people has shown that they were infected from the Omicron variant. The major response against the wave that is spreading in North Korea will be isolation of symptomatic people as it lacks vaccines, intensive care units, anti-viral pills and other essential tools required for fighting the pandemic.


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