11-yr-old visually impaired boy hired as Boat’s CEO? Read

New Delhi: 

11-year-old Prathamesh Sinha told Boat Lifestyle’s CEO Aman Gupta, ‘Aapko do din ki chutti de dunga’. The confident and adorable little boy appeared on Shark Tank India to share a business idea about a gadget that aimed at making the Braille language easier to learn. He also shared that Aman Gupta is his most favorite entrepreneur among the rest.  Aman Gupta  invited Prathamesh to the Boat headquarters and offered him to be the CEO of the company for a day!

The young boy won everybody’s. In a video shared on Instagram by Aman Gupta as well as Boat, the adorable interaction between Prathamesh and Aman Gupta can be seen. Aman was seen introducing Prathamesh to his team where he shared an inspiring speech. The young boy even mentioned that he loved Boat’s tagline ‘Do whatever floats your boat because it gave him hope.

Gupta even offered a unique scholarship for Prathamesh. Ending his optimistic speech, the 11-year-old stated, “Ae zindagi tu mujhe kab tak rulayegi? Meri himmat dekhke tu bhi ruk jayegi”.

“Celebrating the one who brings a smile to millions of faces! Join us in our efforts to bring a smile to his face. Our initiative to award him a unique scholarship aims at ensuring that he gets the quality education that he deserves,” reads the caption.


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