Women steps into well to fetch drinking water in Nashik's village

Nashik (Maharashtra):

Women in Rohile village in Maharashtra’s Nashik are risking their lives to fetch drinking water by stepping into the well as the water crisis and extreme heat in the several parts of the state increases. 

A woman named Sonali, who fetched water from the well said, “Women come from 2 km distance to fetch water from the well. We have a shortage of water. Some women stepped inside the well to take out water.”

Priya, a student, said she often get late for the school as well as skip classes so she could help her family to fetch water. 

“I study in standard 10. We don’t have water in our village. So we go to a distant village to fetch water. Sometimes I have to skip classes for the same. I even was late for my exam once due to this water shortage as I had gone to another village to fetch water from a well there.”

However, an official, Alka believes that there are ‘no chances of water shortage’ at least till June.

“The figures that we receive from the Collector office, according to that, we keep drinking water separately. We allocate the remaining water for irrigation purposes. So, there will be no water shortage. According to me, there should be no water shortage at least till June,” she added. 

(With inputs from ANI)


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