Which countries have provided weapons to Ukraine in war against Russia?

Kyiv (Ukraine): 

The war between Russia and Ukraine is about to complete two months. During this, Ukraine has suffered a lot due to Russian attacks. To help Ukraine in this ongoing war with Russia, many countries have given various types of weapons and other military equipment. 

The US has given Ukraine the portable anti-tank missile FMG-148 Javelin to fight Russia. It can be aimed accurately even in the dark. Even a single soldier can operate it. It can also penetrate the thick armor of tanks.

Turkey and the US have provided attack drones to Ukraine. Turkey has come a long way in the field of making attack drones. They have also been used in Afghanistan. The Russian army has also suffered a lot from them.

Slovakia has given Ukraine the S-300 missile defense system developed and manufactured in Russia itself. With this system, the enemy can be targeted even from a distance of 100 km. This system is also capable of protecting against enemy air attacks. This system has protected many Russian aircraft and other air attacks.

The US has also given Ukraine Mi-17 helicopters made in Russia. These helicopters are used in many countries of the world. Long ago the US had bought these helicopters from Russia. These helicopters are now wreaking havoc on Russia. So far, more than $1.5 billion has been given to Ukraine in various ways by Britain, the United States (US) and the European Union (EU).

Ukraine has been given an NLAW-light anti-tank weapon from the UK to target Russian tanks. It is very light in weight. It is made by the Swedish company Saab. With the help of this, a precise target can be hit up to 800 meters away. Ukraine has so far received 3600 such light anti-tank weapons.

The US has provided strong Hummer vehicles to Ukraine. Apart from this, America has provided aid of millions of dollars to Ukraine. The US has given advanced radar systems and patrol boats to Ukraine.

A human-operated FIM-92 stringer system is also provided. This is a portable air defense system, which is made in America. With this, fighter planes and helicopters can be targeted. So far 1900 such units have been given to Ukraine.

Germany has given 80 bulletproof armored vehicles to Ukraine. These vehicles can be used for firing and launching rockets. Germany has also provided 50 ambulances to Ukraine.

The Netherlands has given Ukraine 400 anti-tank weapons, 200 anti-aircraft stringer missiles and 100 sniper rifles. The Netherlands is one of the countries that first helped Ukraine.

The US has also provided night vision glasses to Ukraine. Night vision goggles and drones from western countries are equipped with infrared and heat sensors.

Information received from American and European Union satellites is also being provided to Ukraine.


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