Watch: Woman carries massive python on her shoulders, leaves netizens shocked

New Delhi:

A video is going viral on social media that will definitely give you goosebumps. The video was posted on Instagram by the user @thereptilezoo  and it has received over 20,000 likes so far.

The video showed a woman carrying a huge snake on her shoulders. The person recording the video, meanwhile, maintained a distance due to the python’s long body. The python seems to be completely chill about the zookeeper carrying him as if it’s their daily routine and they know each other well. 

Shared onMarch 26, the video has amassed over 460k views and several reactions. Netizens expressed their amazement at the video. While many reacted by expressing their fear, others said how the snake looked so comfortable.

“that a cutie pie ,” wrote an Instagram user. “It’s vibing too,” commented another. “too risky,” said a third.


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