Watch: Tiger jumps from boat in Sunderbans; reminds netizens of scene from Life of Pi

New Delhi: A viral video showing a Royal Bengal tiger jumping from a boat during a rescue operation, has reminded social media users of ‘Life of Pi’s Richard Parker.

Indian Forest Officer (IFS) Parween Kalwaan recently shared an intriguing video on his Twitter handle that shows a rescue operation of a Royal Bengal tiger. The tiger, being carried into a boat to be released into the Sundarbans, swiftly jumps into the water and swims its way to its natural habitat.

Sharing the video, Kalwaan wrote, “The Tiger sized jump though. Old video of rescue and release of tiger from Sundarbans.”

In a few hours of being shared, the clip took the internet into a frenzy, while accumulating more than one lakh views and five thousand likes.

A section of people enthralled with the video also shared how this clip reminded them of ‘Life Of Pi’s Richard Parker, the Bengal tiger that accompanies Pi Patel (Suraj Sharma) on his oceanic journey of 227 days.

“We witnessed a really talented tiger with swimming abilities in Life of Pie earlier,” a social media user wrote.

Another commented, “It seems Life of Pi last tiger scene was inspired from this video..tiger didn’t look back..he entered into his World.”

A third Twitter user wrote, “Reminds me of Life of Pi! Richard Parker never looked back :)”

‘Life Of Pi’ directed by Ang Lee, is a 2012 critical and commercial successful adventure drama. The movie had earned eleven nominations at the 85th Academy Awards, winning four, including Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Original Score, and Best Visual Effects.

It also won Golden Globe Award for Best Original Score, and two BAFTA for Best Cinematography and Best Special Visual Effects. (ANI)


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