Want to get paid for watching adult videos? Here is a great offer for you!!

New Delhi:

You must have heard about many types of jobs in your life, but the job we are going to tell you about is different. Recently, a company surprised everyone by taking out a strange job. The company is offering job seekers to watch porn. This company named Bedbible has taken out job offers, in which employees will have to watch porn videos and review them.

The company will pay Rs 1500 per hour for this job.

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It was told that the company will prepare a detailed report using the data like the timing of the video, male-female ratio, hair colour, language etc. 

The company that took out the ad for the job said, “You also need money to watch porn? Then Bedbible.com has the best job for you. Let us know that the company provides reviews of adult products.”

Anyone can apply for this job. This work can be done sitting from anywhere. There is no need to go to any office for this. It was told by Bedbible that whoever will be selected for the job, the company will be in constant touch with him. The company will make a report related to porn, so that people can know about the habit. According to the report of ‘The Sun’, more than 31 thousand people have applied for this job within just 2 days as soon as the notification came.

People who are 21 years of age or above can apply for this job. In the application, only you will have to tell your name, email, position as well as why the company should choose you. 

According to the company’s head content creator Edwina Kayto, “Pornography is a billion-dollar industry. The research we will be able to do through the selected employee from this job will reveal many new things.”


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