Uttar Pradesh: 10 drown after boat capsizes in Kushinagar

Kushinagar (Uttar Pradesh):

A boat full of women labourers capsized in the Narayani river in Kushinagar’s Khadda area on Wednesday morning. All 10 people aboard the boat, including nine women, drowned.

Seven were rescued by fishermen who were fishing in the river, while three girls went missing. On getting information about the incident, the top officials of the district reached the spot and rescue work was started.

Dead bodies of girls found after an hour

The bodies of all three were found after an hour’s effort. As soon as it came to know about this, there was a scream in the village. The female laborers on the boat were going across the river to harvest wheat.

DM, SP and MLA reached the spot

DM, SP and MLA reached the spot and inquired about the incident. Police took the bodies in possession and sent them for post-mortem. The cause of the incident is said to be a hole in the boat.

Victims were crossing river to harvest wheat

It is being said that Misri Nishad, a resident of village Bodhi Chhapra, has a farm in the village Baluiya Reta across the Narayani river. At eight o’clock in the morning, he was going across the river in a boat to harvest wheat with nine women workers, residents of Tola Pathalhwa of Chitauni. 

Due to a hole in the boat, it suddenly overturned in the middle of the river. Seeing this, half a dozen fishermen who were fishing along the river showed courage and jumped into the river and drowning people include 16-year-old Kumkum, 55-year-old Surma Devi, 16-year-old Husnaara, 16-year-old Rabia, 18-year-old Noor Jahan, 16-year-old Gulshan resident Pathalhwa and 45-year-old. Seven including Mishri Nishad were taken out safely.

Search on for victims

Even after a lot of searching, 18-year-old Gudiya, 35-year-old Asma and 18-year-old Sonia resident of Pathalwa could not be traced. After an hour’s effort, the bodies of the three trapped in algae were found in the middle of the river. 

There was an outcry in the village as soon as the news of the body was recovered. A large number of people of the village gathered on the banks of the river. After Panchanama, the police took the dead bodies into custody.

DM S Rajalingam, SP Sachindra Patel, MLA Vivekanand Pandey reached the spot and conducted an inquiry. The people of the village told that among the dead, Asma and Gudiya belonged to the same family.


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