Ukraine crisis: Russia accuses US-funded labs of developing bio-weapons

New Delhi

: US-funded biological laboratories in Ukraine were engaged in developing components of biological weapons, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev said Tuesday.

“It is impossible not to mention the activities conducted by the United States and its allies near the Russian borders,” Medvedev said at a government meeting. Such activities were not aimed at searching for effective means of protection against dangerous diseases or cooperating with the international community, he stressed.

“Work there was carried out behind closed doors. In fact, components of biological weapons were developed and pathogenic microorganisms were studied that has posed a threat to all mankind,” Medvedev said.

“Therefore, we consider such activities as a whole absolutely unacceptable both in Ukraine and other countries surrounding us,” he said, adding that such activities should be transparent and under control. (ANI/Xinhua)


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