These 11 Celebs Are Totally Obsessed With Coachella

Coachella is officially back in full swing after a three-year hiatus due to the pandemic and there’s sure to be a lot of celebs heading to the desert this weekend. Over the course of the festival’s 20-plus-year run, it has featured some of the biggest musicians in the world and has become a pop culture phenomenon.

On top of that, it’s also turned into a place for the rich and famous to be and be seen, while kicking off their summer festivities. With dozens of parties to attend and too many performances to count, it’s always a weekend not to be forgotten!

Here’s who you’ll probably spot in the crowd at Coachella…

1. Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens has gone to Coachella almost every year since 2011 and regularly attends both the first and second weekend of the annual festival. She’s become known for her fashionable festival looks — and her boho outfits often put her at the top of best dressed lists. While some fans call her the “Queen of Coachella,” she says she sometimes wishes she could blend in a little more while attending the event.

“I love music festivals. I really do live for the summer of festivals but it’s just hard now because I feel like everyone knows that I go. I love going to festivals to disappear and I can’t really do that at Coachella anymore. So if I can get artist passes for me and my friends, then I’ll always definitely go,” Vanessa told Entertainment Tonight.

2. Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra Ambrosio has been going to Coachella every year since 2010 — and she brings both of her children along for the ride! Her daughter Anja even once took the stage alongside her dad Jamie Mazur and singer Devendra Banhart.

“You bring your kids to expose them to amazing music and…to me it’s just incredible. Anja’s been coming since she was a little girl and I think she might even be performing this year. She’s very inspired by music. She sings all the time at home and I think it’s because of my passion for music,” Alessandra told Diana Madison ahead of Anja’s performance.

3. Kylie Jenner

Coachella holds a special place in Kylie Jenner’s heart, especially because it’s where she connected with her boyfriend Travis Scott for one of the first times. Back in 2017, the beauty mogul was in the early stages of getting to know Travis and after a particularly good hang session, Kylie decided to join him on tour.

“Coachella was one of the stops on his tour. So he said, ‘I’m going back on tour—what do we want to do about this?’ Because we obviously liked each other. And I was like, ‘I guess I’m going with you,'” Kylie told GQ.

4. Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid has such a good time every year she attends Coachella that she once nearly ended up getting kicked out of the festival! When she attended the fest in 2016 with Taylor Swift, the duo were dancing in a restricted area during Flume’s set and the DJ’s manager almost had to ask them to leave.

“I was playing at Coachella week two and my manager was watching the show from the lighting desk out in the crowd and these two girls came up and started dancing in front of him, like really full on. And he was like ‘God dammit it I need to get these girls out of here,’ so he went to ask them to move away from the sound booth and realized it was Taylor Swift and…Gigi Hadid,” Flume told Nova FM.

5. Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is a Coachella veteran and has been attending the festival for over a decade. The entrepreneur was first spotted at the music event back in 2007 and says one of her favorite parts of it all is being able to dress up in wild outfits.

“Every year I love to dress up like a flower child / raver barbie. I love festival season and Coachella is one of my favorite festivals next to Burning Man…On top of all my dresses, I always wear my best friend Brandi Howe’s line Bowenero. [I] love her pieces, they make any outfit look sexy. I will also be rocking my flower kitty ears from my friend Flower Children Only’s line and some beautiful crowns I got from Dollz Kill,” Paris told Paper Mag.

6. Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts is another longtime Coachella attendee, having been spotted at the fest every year since 2012. For her, attending the event is all about being in the moment and disconnecting from technology. At Coachella in 2016, Emma even took a day where she didn’t use her phone at all.

“I am having a no-phone day at Coachella. You come here to disconnect and be free and everyone is always Instagramming — which is so fun — but tomorrow I am going to turn the phone off,” Emma told WWD.

7. Katy Perry

Katy Perry is a constant figure at Coachella and has been attending the annual event since 2011. In 2019, she even got to perform at the event when she took the stage alongside Zedd to sing their collab “365.”

8. Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth has been a mainstay in the Coachella scene since 2009 when she first began attending the festival — and with her eleventh year coming up, she’s showing no signs of slowing down! She once explained that her connection to the event all has to do with growing up in California.

“I love the desert. I was born in California and feel a real connection to the environment,” Kate told Vogue of her love for the festival.

9. Kellan Lutz

Kellan Lutz may not be the first person who comes to mind when Coachella is mentioned but he’s actually been to the festival way more than most people! He’s been spotted on the grounds every year since 2010 — only taking a break in 2017 and when the fest was canceled during the pandemic.

10. Shay Mitchell

Shay Mitchell has gone to Coachella quite a few years in a row and in 2017, she even took fans along for the “unforgettable experience” in a festival vlog. The actress’ festival style always tends to make headlines too, although she says she’s all about comfort!

“I always want to be comfortable. I never want to be sweating or super hot, so shorts are good for me,” Shay told W Magazine.

11. Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner seems to love Coachella just as much as her younger sister Kylie as the duo are often inseparable throughout the festival weekend. Over the years, the sisters have been spotted showing off fashionable looks alongside pals like Hailey Bieber and Gigi Hadid as they take in the music acts and attend parties.

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