Tension erupts in Telangana's Khammam as BJP activist dies by suicide

Khammam (Telangana): 

Tensions emerged here as the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) activist named Sai Ganesh allegedly died by suicide. He blamed the police behind hi suicide saying “unable to bear torture”. 

Ganesh, who was admitted to the hospital told the media that he had installed a flag post in the “no objection area” after a BJP meeting. He accused the police of breaking the flag post. He said that there are 16 cases filed against him. 

Ganesh said, “his self-esteem was hurt and consumed poison due to being unable to bear the torture from police.”

Khammam Special Branch, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Prasanna Kumar refuted the claims that Ganesh made and said that there are mere 9 cases against him. In 2019, the first case was registered against him. 

The police informed that Ganesh had started participating in many activities since January when a rowdy sheet has been opened.  

However, the police denied the statement of Ganesh about the flag post and said that before BJP Foundational Day on April 6, Ganesh installed a flag post and people in the locality who had objections to it had broken that.

“On April 14, Ganesh came to Police Station after drinking poison. He was shifted to Arogya hospital and from there he was again shifted to Yashoda Hospital for better treatment where he died.” ACP said.

BJP workers protested while the mortal of Ganesh was being taken to his home in Khammam, he added. 

(With inputs from ANI)


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