Tata to launch Altroz ​​EV, know features, price

New Delhi:

Tata has given heavy contribution in the electric car segment with the launch of powerful cars like the Nexon EV and Tigor EV. Now a relevant information related to Tata’s new EV car has come out. Pictures related to the car have surfaced.

The company had tested the Altroz EV and now the pictures of the Altroz EV wrapped in camflage indicates that the company has focused a lot on its appearance. 

Tata recently launched the Altroz DCA, it is not yet clear which variant of the Altroz the company has tested. It is being speculated that Tata has tested the Altroz EV only.

The company has not yet made any statement regarding the technology of the Altroz EV. According to the information revealed so far, it will be launched with Ziptron electric technology only. Its battery and power figure will also differ from other cars.

How much will be the price?

The Tata Altroz EV could be a bit expensive than its counterparts. Currently, the price of electric cars available in India ranges between Rs.6-10 lakhs. The ex-showroom price of the DCT variant of Altroz is in the range of Rs. 8.10 lakh to Rs. 9.90 lakh.

Tata is preparing to launch new variants of Nexon EV-

Apart from the Altroz, Tata is also focusing on its older variants. Right now the Nexon EV comes with 30.2 kWh battery while the company is now preparing to bring the new Nexon EV with 40kWh battery pack.

Tata currently claims that the Nexon EV has a driving range of 312 km, which the company is trying to increase to 400 km. The real-life driving range of the Nexon EV is 200 to 250 kms. Tata will make its range up to 300 km, this will help people a lot in traveling long distances.


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