Taliban in fresh decree bans co-education in varsities


After imposing stringent rules upon the Afghan civilians, the Taliban have now segregated weekdays of male and female university students, at two institutes to put an end to co-education.

In a bid to end co-education, the Taliban Ministry of Higher Education has announced the allocation of specific days in a week for male and female students to attend universities separately. This diktat, for now, will be followed at Kabul University and Kabul Polytechnic University, reported Khama press. According to the new timetable, three days will be assigned for the female students of the universities where no males will be allowed. Similarly, the other three days will be appointed solely to the male students where no presence of a girl is permitted.

In a video clip, Ahmad Taqi, the spokesperson of the ministry said that this decision was taken following the suggestion of the University of Kabul who emphasized that separated weekdays of male and female students will enable them to have enough time for practical activities and scientific research.

For now, this decree will only be implemented at the University of Kabul and Kabul Polytechnic University, coming into effect in May, reported Khama press.

Earlier, the Taliban had ended co-education in universities, separating morning classes for girls and afternoon classes for boys. The Taliban had also banned secondary education for female students. Although this decision has been withdrawn, they are yet to be reopened. (ANI)


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