Sri Lanka coconut kernel products promoted in Belgium

The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Brussels conducted a workshop titled “Coconut Wonder – Truly Sri Lankan” to promote export of Sri Lankan coconut kernel products to Belgium, on April 21. The Sri Lanka Export Development Board (EDB),

Ceylon Chamber of Commerce and Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industries coordinated the participation of the exporters of coconut products in Sri Lanka at the workshop on a virtual platform.

Ambassador Grace Asirwatham spoke about the coconut industry of Sri Lanka and presented reasons why the importers of coconut products in Belgium should consider importing from Sri Lanka. Product samples and company profiles of export companies were presented to the Belgian importers at the event. The use of coconut products has been gaining more attention recently thanks to growing consumer interest in vegetarian, vegan and Asian cooking. Europe’s imports of desiccated coconut have been growing and Belgium is also among the leading importers of coconut products in the EU region.The Belgian importers appreciated the quality of Sri Lankan organic coconut products, methods and technology used in production of coconut products and the zero tariff concessions provided for coconut products imports from Sri Lanka by the EU under the GSP Plus scheme.


by Daily News Sri Lanka

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