Shocking Video!! Rural woman risks life for drinking water in Maharashtra

Nashik (Maharashtra): 

Life without water is impossible to imagine. Because water is life, and our future is connected with it. But despite this, we leave the tap open while washing hands, brushing and cleaning utensils. Many people even waste a lot of water while washing and cleaning vehicles.

Water wastage and climate change are increasing the water crisis, due to which ‘World Water Day’ is also celebrated every year around the world so that people understand the importance of water and do not waste it. But the situation is going from bad to worse.

Even today, for a bucket of water, women risk their lives while trekking on foot for many kilometers so that they can quench the thirst of their families. 

A video has surfaced on social media from Maharashtra, after watching which we expect you to understand the value of every drop of water and not waste it.

This video is being shared on different platforms of social media. The video is from Metghar village near Trimbakeshwar in Maharashtra.

This video has been viewed more than 36,000 times. 

What’s in the video?

In the 19-second clip, it can be seen that some buckets tied with ropes are thrown to fill water in the well. At the same time, a woman wearing a sari is descending into the well without any safety equipment. There is very little water in the well, due to which she had to go down into the well. 

Similar incident happened in Nashik

A similar case was earlier reported from Nashik, Maharashtra, where women in a tribal area have to put themselves at risk every day for drinking water. In fact, the bridge that she used to cross and go to the other side to get water was made of wooden planks placed between two rocks, which only one person could cross at a time. By the way, the river was near the settlement. But its water is not clean, due to which women have to fetch water from the springs.


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