Russia-Ukraine crisis: Putin's most powerful warship sinks in Black Sea, Kyiv claims to have destroyed 600 feet long 'Moskva'


As the Russian military operation in Ukraine enters its 51st day, Russia has suffered its worst setback on Thursday. Moskva, a Russian Navy Slava-class cruiser, went down in the Black Sea. The Russian Defense Ministry announced late Thursday that the warship Muskva sank in the Black Sea after the ammunition store on board exploded. At the same time, Ukraine claimed to have destroyed the massive warship using its Neptune cruise missile and Turkey’s Bayraktar TB-2 drone.

Russia has denied any such attack by Ukraine and stated that it will investigate the cause of the warship’s fire. Meanwhile, an air strike alert has been issued for all Ukrainian cities.

According to the Kyiv Independent, the bombing was reported on Friday morning in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv.

Defense experts believe this is the first time since 1941 that a large Russian warship has been destroyed by an enemy country. This warship was the Russian Navy’s “Pride,” and it had guarded Vladimir Putin. The Moskva was a 600-foot-long warship that weighed 12,500 tonnes. Several anti-ship and surface-to-air missiles were aboard the ship. Russia also has two other warships of the same type.

According to defence experts, if this was due to an attack that the Russian ship sank, it could be the largest naval attack of the century. Way back in 1941, German dive bombers sank the Soviet Union’s Marat warship in the port of Kronstadt.

Soviet Ukraine built this warship, which was named ‘Slava’ or ‘Glory’ (Shan). After the Soviet Union’s demise in 1995, this warship was renamed ‘Moskva,’ after the capital of Moscow. On the other hand, CIA Director William J. Burns stated on Thursday that Putin was disappointed that he was unable to win the Ukrainian election. As a result, they can direct the use of less powerful nuclear weapons.


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