Russia announces goal of Ukraine war ahead of UN chief's meeting with Vladimir Putin


Russia has made its intentions known to the world amid the ongoing war with Ukraine. The general of the Russian army has clearly stated that his aim is to occupy southern Ukraine. 

This statement of the general of the Russian army has proved false all the earlier statements that said that Russia does not want to occupy the territory of Ukraine. 

Meanwhile, Tas has also reported that the Russian army has captured a large arms depot in the Kharkiv region. According to the Tas news agency, thousands of tons of ammunition and weapons are present here.

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At the same time, for the purpose of stopping this war, UN Secretary-General António Guterres is going to visit Moscow.

On behalf of the Russian army it has been said that it has captured almost all of southern Ukraine, including the Donbass, and now they are moving south towards Moldova. According to Russia, the army has achieved the goal of the second phase of the war. 

The army statement also said that it has achieved the predetermined goal of Moscow. Rustam Minkeev, the Central Military District Commander of the Russian army, said that now he will ensure the creation of a land corridor between Crimea and the conquered parts of Ukraine. He said this during the annual meeting.

Minekev has also said that with the annexation of South Ukraine, Russia will have access to Ukraine’s Transdnisetria. According to him, this area also belongs to people supporting Russia and there are already about 1500 Russian soldiers present here. 

Ukraine was accused by the Kremlin that the Ukrainian government never treated these people with an equal approach and discriminated against. It was also said from Russia that NATO has done the work of increasing the crisis on the Russian border.

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