Reviving businesses: Ways to bounce back from the crisis

Every entrepreneur and businessman works toward obtaining dividends from their businesses thereby focusing on the profits besides reaching their set goals for their

companies. Few companies were highly successful in their businesses despite the pandemic. They keep on marching to accumulate profits and this has made them victorious, successful and jubilant.

However, for most companies, the devastating pandemic ultimately has ended up in a major economic crisis which has resulted in running the business or enterprises at a loss and thereby their inability to continue with their employees, businesses or enterprises.

Irrespective of whether you are happy, anxious, puzzled, trouble, sad, demotivated, worried, depressed, or feel negative keep on working. I strongly believe that “Work is sacred” and have experienced that “Work is the best antidote for all problems”.

Also, “do not trouble the trouble until the trouble troubles the trouble.

Let me share my experience with you to overcome this dilemma that you are in and that will propel you to move forward to regain profits and go in search of excellence.

Employees, the towering strength of organizations:

You need to do and expect quality work from your employees which should have the highest standards. You need to provide direction to your staff and expect diligence, dynamic, devoted, dedicated, disciplined, and determined work with deadlines. You have to identify the hidden and innate talents of your employees and assess their capabilities. You need to judge them on the following; ’What are they capable of doing’ and ‘how far they can go?’ and assign tasks accordingly.

Change Management:

Change is inevitable. For me, change means “Growth and Prosperity “. In business or at work you need to “anticipate changes”, “accept the changes” and “adjust for the changes”. As entrepreneurs and businessmen, the best way is to “create changes”. The changes that you create proportionately reflect upon positive impact on your business

Business profits sooner or later. The reason why I have told you that “sooner or later” certainly depended on your leadership capabilities as you need to be an “effective communicator” and thereby make your employees “accept those changes” that are implemented by you. I would like to suggest to you the best method to “communicate the changes to your employees by conducting “Brainstorming sessions” for them. To be a “successful communicator” you need to get feedback from your entire staff.

When engaging in conducting “Brainstorming sessions” you need to be “proactive” and not reactive”. You have to deal with your employee’s emotions and you need to be a versatile leader to manage any issues, problems and even crises/conflicts. Hence, you need to be a “Master in “Change, crisis and conflict management “.

In my humble opinion “Self-Mastery” is the forte of dynamic, vibrant and versatile leaders. They will be able to “create and implement changes” in their enterprises or businesses and make their employees “accept and adopt changes” accordingly. So, are you one of them?

Prioritize your work and Time management:

Have a list of things to be done. Now categorize according to “Urgent and Important “, Not urgent and important”, “Urgent and not important” and “not urgent and not important”. Then do the tasks accordingly as per the “prioritization of your work” and thereby you could “manage your time” wisely, effectively and efficiently.

So, do you prioritize your work and expect the same from your employees?

Conquer your Fear:

While adventurous entrepreneurs and businessmen are investing in enterprises and businesses as well as “investing in people” most of the entrepreneurs and businessmen are still taking their back foot in terms of Investments due to past experiences as well as bitter experiences with the pandemic.“Fear of failure” is something that will halt your business attempts and avoid creativity and innovation. In business, you need to be courageous, creative, and innovative and maintain the highest standards.

Having explained in detail above detrimental aspects for entrepreneurs and businessmen you should have confidence in yourself, the employees and their abilities and capabilities. Fear arises from being incompetent and due to a lack of Knowledge, Skills and correct attitudes.

So, harness, acquire and acuminate your knowledge, and skills and have a “positive mental attitude” and practice those as habits daily to get enlightened by the insights you gain. Also, make your employees studious and students of your industry. You should consider providing them with the “opportunities to “learn and grow”. Assist them to follow the Professional studies and courses to acquire and acuminate their “Knowledge and transferable skills” and in turn contribute to the success, profits and progression of your organizations.

I would like to advise you, “do what you fear, the fear will disappear”.

So, do you still have fears to initiate and invest in new ventures, enterprises and businesses besides people?

Finally, words of advice to the businessmen who were affected by the pandemic.

Thinking Excellence The way forward:

Before reducing costs and retrenchment employees always think about whether those are justified by you and whether they will serve the purpose of starting your business as well as whether they will assist you to meet your set objectives. Still, if you want to retrench your staff you need to consider the humanitarian aspects meticulously.

I would like to advise you on the above in the following manner;

“Cut the branches and not uproot the tree”.

Timing of implementation:

Do not sell flour during the windy season and do not sell salt during the rainy season”. It is highly recommended to do it the other way around.


In marching toward reaching your vision, goals and objectives you may slip or falter during your journey towards accomplishments. But, do not surrender yourself to fate. Do not give up on your goals and dreams so easily like a thorn flower. As you all know when you touch a thorn flower it gets contracted so easily. Rather, be like the Sunflower blooming at the sight of the Sunlight. You may fall seven times but stand up at the 8th time. My slogans are “Persevere till you succeed” and “Never say die”.

Overcoming Hurdles and Obstacles:

If the obstacle is underneath you then jump over it. If it is above you then crawl underneath. Generally, people do the other way around, which you should not do. Keep in mind that all problems are there to be resolved and obstacles are there to overcome.

Fixed belief and fixed Minded:

Do not have a rigid mind. Rather be open to your employees and be very flexible.

Be flexible and open-minded.

Be Agile, creative and innovative:

Always be an agile learner and avid reader, be creative and innovative and expect the same from your employees as well.

Set high standards and keep on raising the Standards:

In the high jump, once you are successful the target is raised frequently and sometimes you create records. Hence think big, aim high and achieve more and keep on repeating.

In conclusion, opportunity knocks very softly and only once. Hence, start or restart your ventures. Do it now. This is the best time. Do not wait for the tides to move away. Be the driver and not a passenger in your enterprises, businesses or industry. Be a player and not a spectator in the game. Be the artist or singer and not a member of the audience.

Your lives, destiny and profits of your enterprises and businesses and the future of your employees and development and the Prosperity of our Motherland are “in your hands”.

It’s the “survival of the fittest”.

True that most entrepreneurs and businessmen are facing crises. But as a Positive thinker and an Inspirational Business Consultant, let me wind up by stating the opposites of crisis which all of you need to focus upon; Those are, breakthrough, happiness, recovery, resurrection, betterment, improvement, good fortune, miracles, success, wonder, rejuvenation, revival, stability, certainty, benefits, boons, peace, solutions, calms, return, rebirth, good luck and blessings.

Hence, focus on these positive dimensions.

Be the “Exemplary leaders, entrepreneurs or businessmen. Wish you all successful ventures, enterprises and businesses. May the lady luck smile upon you! Keep moving, move forward in the right direction at the right time. Happy Sailing!

The writer is a Specialist in Professional Communication Skills and a trainer of Managers and Medical Representatives on detailing skills and techniques. He was the former Treasurer, Assistant Secretary and the Editor of the Pharmacy Promoters Association (PPA), Sri Lanka.

by Daily News Sri Lanka

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