Reasons why the Advanced Management Program in Financial Services and Capital Markets from IIM Lucknow could be your best bet

Investment banking is one of the fastest-growing sectors that require dynamic and skilled professionals. Firms need someone to chart down a feasible financial risk management plan with proper evaluation and remedies to tackle the market fluctuations. Terms like bitcoin, blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and impact financing are the talk of the town these days. A 

diploma in finance management

diploma in finance management

 can change the game for people who want to fulfill their career aspirations in the finance industry. A capstone project with a leading-edge curriculum can provide students with effective skills which can open the floodgates to this ever-changing industry.

What do you mean by financial services?

Financial services refer to the economic services like money management, credit unions, banks, credit card companies, and so on that are provided by the finance industry. 

There are four types of financial institutions that provide these services:

Commercial banks

Brokerage firms

Insurance companies

Investment banks

The institutions are supposed to provide a plethora of opportunities majorly in:



Wealth management

Mutual fund


What are capital markets?

Capital markets, on the other hand, are financial markets that bring together buyers and sellers to trade different financial currencies. Capital markets link investors and savers. They mobilize savings into a long-term investment at a minimal transaction and information cost. This is an effective way to boost economic growth and trade securities.

There are majorly two types of capital markets:

Primary market- This market deals with new securities. Jete an issue is examined and evaluated by the commercial bankers. Underwriting ensures minimum subscription. Brokers are dealers henceforth given the job to distribute the issue to the investors.

Secondary market- This is a marketplace for active trading. Existing securities are traded here by the investors. People gather regular information about the security value, they can offer liquidity to the investors.

What is financial risk management?

A risk manager is equipped with enough knowledge to find the root cause of financial risk in a firm. He studies a firm’s liquidity, debt, interest rates, foreign exchanges, etc. to know where the cash flows or any other vulnerability needs to be addressed. Since risk is uncertain, analysts use various strategies and statistical tools to quantify the risk exposure. After this, the managers are required to study the data and drive solutions to mitigate the risk at the lowest possible cost maintaining the firm’s goals. They can extract from the emergency funds for any potential loss or use the insurance for minor replacements. 

How can 

a financial risk management course help you

 find your niche?

Every firm needs to coordinate business data and finance to control their processes, stop revenue leakage, and have flourishing cash flows. Financial risk management is a globally recognized professional recognition. One gets to know about the risk concepts, quantitative analysis, financial markets, different products, risk models, and how to value claims. A person increases his/her credibility after gathering knowledge about market risk, operational and credit risks, etc. You get to know the current issues in financial markets. A 

market certification

market certification

 in this course from a proper institution can help you be entirely thorough with your skills and grab the best possible opportunity out there.


Engaging in proper learning with case studies, live examples, and recent market events is extremely necessary for securing a job in this field. Not just the foundation, but also analysis, manager, portfolio funds, mergers, acquisition, etc. are also ought to be taught. IIM Lucknow has collaborated with IIM Calcutta to design an elaborative course with industry experts who have carved a unique curriculum in investment banking, financial services, and capital markets just for you. If you are a graduate and have some relevant work experience, surely opt for this one-year live online training to hone your skills as a financial expert. 


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