PM Modi issues order, education in this country will not be valid in India

New Delhi:

The government of India has passed a big order. The University Grants Commission (UGC) and All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) have clearly told Indian students that if they study from any college or educational institution in Pakistan, they will not get a job or other education in the country (India). 

In such a situation, those who are thinking of studying in Pakistan or taking any kind of education can get a big setback.

UGC and AICTE have also issued an advisory in this regard. According to the advisory, no Indian or Foreign Citizen of Indian Origin (OIC) students should go to Pakistan for any kind of higher education. If an Indian citizen or a foreign citizen of Indian origin wants to take admission in any college or educational institution in Pakistan, then he will not be considered eligible for job or higher education in India on the basis of Pakistani certificate.

Along with this, the UGC has also said in its advisory that this rule will not apply to those who have come from Pakistan. Migrants from Pakistan and their children who have been given citizenship by India can take jobs in India after the approval of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

In fact, every year many students from Jammu and Kashmir are taking admission in engineering colleges of Pakistan. It is being said that hundreds of Kashmiri students have taken admission in technical colleges of Pakistan so far.

Before Pakistan, UGC and AICTE had issued similar advisory for Indian students regarding educational institutions in China. At the same time, now this advisory has been issued jointly by UGC and AICTE for the educational institutions of Pakistan.


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