Opposition to submit proposal to Parliament to abolish Executive Presidency - Kiriella

Chief Opposition Whip MP Lakshman Kiriella informed yesterday that the Opposition will submit a proposal to Parliament to abolish the Executive Presidency.

Joining the debate on the current situation in the country, Kiriella said that the Treasury has less than Rs.500 million only and adding that it will  deplete in three weeks. “So don’t take this issue lightly. Initially, the people protested demanding gas. At that time, they did not ask the President to go home. Then they asked for milk powder, fuel etc and eventually the people stepped out onto the streets.”

He said the failure to listen to the public’s requests resulted in the public taking to the streets.

The MP said the present situation must not be taken lightly adding that the country is facing a dire situation. Therefore, he said that the SJB will present the proposal promptly and urged the Speaker of the House to consider it. He claimed a document in writing is required for all parties to unite. “This is a grave situation and we must all unite,” he said.

The MP said the Samagi Jana Balawegaya is in favour of peaceful protests but said that the protests are escalating due to the increase in public burdens.

He said that it is doubtful if these issues could be resolved and if the country could move forward with the current President at the helm.


by Daily News Sri Lanka

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