Only Ranil can save country from crisis - Ruwan

United National Party Deputy Leader Ruwan Wijewardene said majority of the people are of the view that UNP Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe is the only person who can save the country from the current economic crisis. He said that the Maha Sangha, scholars, professionals and all accept this but unfortunately they are reluctant to say it openly.

He further stated that the only thing the present government has done  in three years is to bring Sri Lanka to the third position in the world inflation index.

Wijewardene made these comments when he met a group of scholars and professionals at the Union Place office in Colombo. He spoke about the problems they face professionally as well as the problems in the country.

Wijewardene said inflation in the country is rising rapidly. People are suffering a heavy burden. This government has taken steps to take Sri Lanka to the top of the world inflation index.

“We are in third place today. Only Lebanon and Zimbabwe are above us. This is the first time in history that Sri Lanka has been in such a position. Before 2015, when this government was brought to the top of the inflation index, we took over the government. So we started moving down from the inflation index. Some people in the present government say that the country has come to this situation because we took loans. 80 per cent of the loans we took were used for settling the loans obtained by the Mahinda Rajapaksa’s government. Only 20 per cent of the loans were able to be used for development,” he added.

He said that the UNP government was to pay the debt for the loans Rajapaksa took. Go to Hambantota and see how many useless buildings have been constructed with the loans they have taken. Although a conference hall was built in Hambantota at a cost of tens of millions of rupees, no revenue has been earned from it yet.

The same goes for the Suriyawewa Cricket Stadium. Mattala Airport, Hambantota Port has not yet earned enough revenue to repay the loans taken.

“The best white elephant is the Lotus Tower. Not a single rupee of the money spent has been collected as income yet. So the loans taken for this were paid by our government on time. We had to borrow for them. But we also gave relief to the people while paying off all debts. As soon as we took over the government we increased the salaries of public servants by Rs.10,000. Fuel gas prices have been reduced,” he further said.



by Daily News Sri Lanka

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