Man gets treasure worth crores after searching meteorite for 18 months


Every day many meteorites fall on the earth from space. Many of these fall into the ocean or are lost in many uninhabited areas. If one finds fragments of a meteorite, it is extremely rare. Sometimes the cost of these celestial stones can be in crores. One such stone changed the life of a British man. 

After searching for 18 months, the man found a 1 kg meteorite from a field whose estimated value could be up to Rs 1 crore.

A burning ball passed over the home of 38-year-old Tony Whilding, who lives in Wrexham, North Wales, and disappeared into a field, The Sun reported. Tony then began his search operation which continued for 18 months. 

Now he is waiting for it to be certified so that it can be found out how much it is worth. Tony said that he saw it for the first time when he was smoking a midnight cigarette in the garden behind his house.

The meteorite was burning brightly

“I felt that the sky above my head was shining. When I looked up, I found a blazing ball of fire flying at a low altitude and coming down, behind which was a long tail of smoke. It got brighter and brighter as it moved towards my house. It was so low that if I kicked a football into the air, it would reach it. As soon as it fell on the earth, it was extinguished in a few seconds. It disappeared without any noise and only smoke remained,” Tony Whilding told the media.

A meteor from outside the Solar System fell on the earth in 2014

A similar meteorite hit our Earth in 2014 which came from outside the Solar System. Based on the discovery of scientists, the US Army has given this information. The meteorite, named CNEOS 2014-01-08, fell off the coast of Papua New Guinea in January 2014. It was the first known ‘extra solar’ meteorite to hit the Earth. Interstellar meteoroids are celestial rocks that come from outside the Solar System.


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